I’m a UK based line producer specialising in scheduling and budgeting. I’ve also developed a specialism in script development and screenwriting.

Creating and filming a drama is a complex endeavour whose success can be always be tracked back to the strength of the narrative and the planning of the production. However, unforeseen circumstance can affect any project, requiring a reshoot or additional material to complete, leaving investors nervous. In this instance, whilst a film is in hiatus, it’s an opportunity to carefully decide what to do.

The Film Whisperer was borne from being asked my opinion on films in post production using my combined skill set in production management and script/story development. This allowed directors and producers a fresh pair of eyes during the edit of their films to solve narrative and production issues, strengthening their projects.

I’m here to help you get the best out of your production, to offer solutions when you might not be able to see the woods from the trees. I’m not part of your production team so can dispassionately investigate film narratives and production issues, offering solutions to problems. It’s then your decision how to move forward.

1. You can hire me to schedule and budget your feature film remotely. This allows you to proceed with fundraising with confidence for you and your investors.

2. As a consultant to help finish your film that has run into difficulties. Perhaps the production is in hiatus or needs a fresh pair of eyes.

3. I also offer script reads and production feedback for writers and producers at the development stage but you’ll find my feedback markedly different than most script readers with no experience of actual film production.